Real Estate Photography

Fees start at $150. The fee is based on the size of the home and travel time beyond the Seattle area. Please inquire with a brief description of the location and square footage and I can then provide you with a quote. Please see FAQ page for more details. For this price you will be receiving up to 24 MLS ready pictures (sometimes we may provide a few extra to choose from) although this may not be possible with smaller homes. Below are the standard prices. These do not include aerial photography, twilight photography or travel fees/other fees that may need to be added depending on the location and requests for the home. 

0-2000 SqFt: $200

2001-2500 SqFt: $250

2501-3000 SqFt: $300

3001-3500 SqFt: $350

3501-4000 SqFt: $400

Additional 500 SqFt: + $50




Walk Through Cinematic Video

Fees start at $250. Similar to the pictures, video fees are based on the size of the home. Our walk through videos are in HD and smooth as butter. To be able to achieve this we use the DJI RONIN M stabilizer to give you buttery smooth walkthroughs. We also use professional cameras that are able to capture every corner of the house with our wide angle lens. With these two combined, in addition to our years of experience we are able to provide you and your client with a product that is cinematic and professional, which will make your home stand out from the rest. 


0-2000 SqFt: $225

2001-2500 SqFt: $275

2501-3000 SqFt: $325

3001-3500 SqFt: $375

3501-4000 SqFt: $425

Additional 500 SqFt: + $50




Available Add Ons:

Here are a few add ons that are available. Starting off with the drone we use the DJI PHANTOM 4k. The prices $75 only work if added to a Photography Package or Cinematic Video. If you would like to just have drone photos or video, pricing is $200. 


Drone Photos: $75

Drone Video $75  

Simulated Sunset $35/per photo


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